Friday, November 2, 2007

So. 6SC has performed a total of three, count 'em, THREE whole shows. One of which was a real life paying gig! The first one, as I've written about before was at St. Mac's "P.I.T.P."

The next show, was at the famed Port City Cafe (Facebook link) run by Chris Weaver. Our band was the opening set, and we played the original, Six Speed Coffin; Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls; Brad's still-unnamed song; and of course, since it was the Hallowe'en edition, the Monster Mash. Then, minutes later our brown-pumpkin-costumed host (Chris) came and gave us our pay. A twenty dollar bill, in a fancy envelope. And, since we are a TRUE band, we went out and spent it. On addictive and unhealthy stuff. McDonalds. Then, as another act as a true band, we donated some of our proceeds to charity. The McDonald's spare-change-donation-box.

Our latest performance was at St. Mac's Hallowe'en assembly. I even had to skip school, at Saint John High, to go perform. That's how dedicated I am. But back to the beginning. Brad showed up at my place at 8:00 that morning. We loaded the drums into the back of his dad's truck with numb fingers, and brought it to St. Macs. We offloaded the drums into the hallway beside their gym, and then brought them to be locked into the SRC room until performance-time. Alright, skip forward past sleeping in Physics, Math mid-terms, and we arrive at the start of the show. Drums up onto the table-stage, logo on the screen, and we're ready... after all the other assembly crap is done... But then! Trouble strikes! Oh no! Uh... yeah, so Andrew comes over and tells us that we can only play one song. Fine, Monster Mash it is. So we play. We rock. It was great. There's video proof (however shitty quality), only thing? The audience wasn't into it.. much.. at all.. really... BUT! We still rocked. I'd know. I was there.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Transition

My transition musically this year has been huge for me. This time last year, I was solely a bass player, with only about 1.5 songs written and no lyrics for anything. This year, I have made the turbulant but mildly sucessful transition to a guitar player. In recent months I've gone from a rookie-guitar player (Medium difficulty guitar hero tho :P) to a well...slightly beter than rookie guitar player hah. But with one show already under my belt, I feel that everytime I pick up my new guitar I get just a little bit more comfortable therefore getting a little bit better each time I play. Back when I play bass exclusively (as far as string instruments go) I got almost bored of it because it wasn't nearly as challenging as guitar. Don't get me wrong though, there's all kinds of thing I can't do on bass yet, there's just More styles and More types of guitar songs to play, I like the variety. The transition has rekindled my love for music, especially writing and creating it. Also, this group of guys I get to play this music with now have motivated me and helped in that rekindeling (did I spell that right? Oh well, screw you spellcheck) so thanks guys.

Overall, Im glad I spent almost a months worth of pay on my guitar, it was well worth it. Next on my wish list...a replacment amp for my bass......but that's another story ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Band Bio - McBriarty

Name: Graeme McBriarty
Age: 15.9 (October 27th, baby!)
Instrument(s): The things I get to hit with my sticks. What are they again? Oh yeah, drums.
Years Played: Almost 2 full years now. But it seems like way longer.

I'm Graeme. I supply the base of two aspects of the band. The location and the rhythm. I keep the beat, and I keep our jam space, the upper floor of my garage. I've had some band experience, but that was just unorganized chaos. I go on about that elsewhere, but I gotta keep this short. I sail and I ski, which help with keeping strength up (sailing) and stamina (skiing), which is totally important for drumming.

Top 5 Artists of all time (In no particular order. I couldn't decide.):

1) Led Zeppelin
2) Alice Cooper
3) Bon Jovi
4) Black Sabbath
5) The Doors
(Plus tons more. These are just top of the top.)

Band Bio - Wilson

Name: Brad Wilson
Age: 16
Instrument(s): Bass, Guitar
Years Played: 5

Hey, Im Brad, and Im the jack-of-all-things for Six Speed Coffin. I originally started playing bass 5 years ago but i've branched into a few different fields (guitar, steel drums). I play lots of sports too, hockey, taekwondo, lacrosse, rugby etc.

Top 5 Artists of all time:

1) Eagles
2) Black Sabbath
3) Supertramp
4) Led Zepplin
5) Guns n' Roses